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Eddict Player application for Android and iOS

Eddict Player is our new application, serving as a companion application for a range of Shanling products. Mainly functioning as a remote controller for Hi-Fi streamers or digital players and as an access to additional settings for USB DACs.

Available for Android and iOS*:

Apple App Store:

Google Play Store:

*Note: iOS version for now works only with a M30. MTouch players and Android players will receive a firmware update, adding a compatibility with the Eddict Player. 

*Note 2: Due to limitations of iOS, iOS version of Eddict Player will not be compatible with the UA2 USB DAC.

Click on following links to view a "How to Guide" for your particular model:

Recommended to open links on your phone

Streamers - Wireless Projection - EA5, EM5, M30

Streamers - Simple Playback control - EA5, EM5, M30


MTouch players – M0, Q1, M2X, M5s

Android players – M3X, M6, M6 Pro, M8