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Streamer Wireless Projection - How To Guide

1.Connect both devices to the same Wi-Fi network.

2.On Streamer, go to “Network Service” and enable the “Wireless projection”.

3.On your phone, open Eddict Player app. In main menu, swipe right to view additional features. Click on “Wireless projection”.

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4.App will scan for your Streamer. Click on the Streamer to get them connected.

If no device shows up, click on refresh icon.

Note:  When connecting for the first time, Streamer will show warning window and you need to confirm connection.

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5.Once both device are linked, your phone will exactly mirror your Streamer, giving you access to all menus, settings, playback options, etc.

6.To turn off Wireless projection on your phone, click on the exit icon in top right corner of screen.

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