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Eddict Player & Android players - How To Guide

Compatible with Shanling Android Players – M3X. M6, M6 (21), M6 Pro, M8

1. Turn on Bluetooth on your Shanling player.

2. On your Shanling player, open Shanling Music app, go to menu and click on “SyncLink”.

M3x 1_resized.jpg

3. Turn on the Server function.

m3x 2_resized.jpg

4. On your phone, turn on Bluetooth and open Eddict Player app. In main menu, swipe right to view additional features. Click on “SyncLink”.


5. Turn on the “Client” function.


6. Pick your Shanling player from list of paired or available devices.

Note: If you are pairing phone with your player for the first time, make sure to confirm pairing on both devices. On Shanling player, you might need to go to Notification bar to view this pairing confirmation.

m3x 3_resized.jpg

7. It will show as a “Connected device”.

m3x 4_resized.jpg

8. Go back to main menu and now you have access to “Local music”, “All Songs” and “Recently played”. This way you can browse through files stored on MicroSD card inserted into your Shanling player.


9. While you are in the Eddict Player app, you can adjust volume of the Shanling player and control playback.

M30 4_resized.jpg