Warranty provided by Shanling

Shanling sells products directly only on our dedicated Amazon stores and Shanling official E-Shop:


Products purchased from our Amazon or our E-Shop are covered under warranty by Shanling directly, please get in contact with our Amazon or E-Shop team for warranty support.

Shanling does not sell directly on Aliexpress. All sellers on Aliexpress are independent Chinese dealers and Shanling doesn’t provide any warranty or support for these units. 

Please reach out directly to your Aliexpress seller for support or warranty.

Shanling can arrange out-of-warranty repairs, but the customer will be responsible for covering shipping to China, any import taxes charged by Chinese customs, repair fee and return shipping.

Availability of replacement parts might be limited, especially with discontinued products.

Official distributors, buying from China and Unauthorized sellers.

At  Shanling, we worked hard to establish network of reliable distributors and  dealers around the World. These people are committed to assure that Shanling  products are shipped, stored, distributed and maintained to the highest  standards, providing customers the easiest way to purchase Shanling products.  And if any problem emerges, they will be there to help you with it, at shortest  time and minimum cost.
So please,  check our list of Authorized distributors and dealers before you make your  purchase. If you are unsure about some seller or cant find your local dealer,  be sure to contact us over email or our social media, we will gladly help you.
But  as hard as we try, there will be of course some regions without our official  partners. Since Shanling doesnt sell product directly, you will need to either  choose one of our international distributors, or purchase from one of Chinese sellers.

What can  you expect when purchasing from Chinese sellers?

    -    Your  product will be shipped from China or Hong Kong, so not only will it take  significant time for shipping, but you will also need to deal with all the  problems of importing electronics into your country. Expect some talks with  customs office, spending time on sending them all needed documents and, in the  end, paying them taxes and custom fees.

    -    Your  warranty will be covered only directly by your seller. Neither local  distributor or Shanling will provide you any direct help with your product. If  something goes wrong with your product, you can only hope original Chinese  seller will be willing to help you. Expect that you will need to ship your  product back to China for repair.

    -    If  you decide to purchase from Chinese seller, we strongly recommend to find some reliable  seller, with long history and good customer feedback. Some Chinese sellers can  disappear suddenly and you will never hear from them again.

You can  find Shanling products listed on different marketplaces around the World, such  as Amazon, Lazada, Walmart, Ebay and many others. While some of listings can be  from our official local dealers, many of them are either listings of Chinese  sellers or unauthorized local sellers. Other times you will see Shanling  product on website that looks like its from local seller, just to find out you  bought it from some hidden Chinese seller. Always check who true seller is and  from where will be product shipped, to avoid any problems with shipping or  warranty.
Be  especially careful when buying from unauthorized sellers, since you may receive  product that is counterfeit, used, damaged or altered and not in compliance  with Shanling quality standards. And with no warranty support from local  distributor and Shanling.