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Shanling Q1 Firmware V1.3

Shanling Q1 Firmware V1.3 notes

 Download from our website or Google Drive

New Functions:

1.   SyncLink – Control playback of Q1 from connected Android smartphone or tablet.

Note: To use SyncLink function, you need to install Shanling Music app. App is available as .apk file in the zip file with firmware update.
Note 2: SyncLink function is still considered beta, there will be following updates.
Note 3: At current time Shanling Music app is available only for Android devices.

2.   Added Russian language.

3.   Added AB repeat function.

Note: To use AB repeat, click on AB button on now playing screen. Then tap on two positions on progress bar, to set position A and B.

4.   Added DSD-native support for USB Output to external DAC.

5.   Added in-vehicle mode.

Intended for use in car, with Q1 semi-permanently installed and with USB-C cable always connected to Q1.
When Q1 detects charging, it will automatically turn on.
When charging stops, Q1 will automatically turn off after 1 minute.
It’s recommended to turn off in-vehicle mode for other uses.

Changes and fixes

1.   Adjusted Playback speed control. Now available in 1.25/1.5/2x speed and with pitch correction.

2.   Adjusted now playing screen, moving progress bar to the first group of controls.

3.   Adjusted button lock function, fixing possible issue when using controls on Bluetooth headphones.

4.   Other bug fixes.

How to update:

1.   Make sure that Q1 is fully charged.

2.   Unzip the file and copy “update.bin” file into root(main) folder of micro SD card.

3.   Choose System Updatein system settings and follow the displayed instructions.
Wait until system restarts.

4.   Check in settings “About” to make sure new firmware was installed successfully.



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