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Shanling CA80 Firmware V1.7

Changes and fixes on CA80

1. Optimized certain display functions
2. Adjusted remote control behaviour for it to act in all modes.
3. Added the total play time to the CD disc display
4. Default RCA volume output is set to 30
5. Improved USB mode file reading
6. Other optimizations.

How to update 

Firmware Update Demands a USB Memory Drive

        1. Download the firmware package, unzip it, and copy the upgrade file "update.bin" to a USB Memory drive. Copy the file into the main/root directory, do not copy it into any folders.

        2. Insert the drive into the CD80 or CA80.

        3. Switch mode to USB Mode, using the "Source" button.

        4. Press and hold the Play/Pause button, keep holding until the screens hows "UP---".

        5. Release the button and wait for the system to restart. 

            It will show "UP" on the screen, wait for it to finish updating process, it will restart at the end.

        6. Update is now finished