Update for your love machine



Version: Q1 V2.1

File size: 35MB

Developer: ShanLing


Changes and fixes: 

1.Enabled Wi-Fi connectivity.

2.Added support of Airplay and DLNA wireless playback.

Note: For DLNA, Q1 can act only as renderer / DMR. Another device is needed to act as controller / DMC.

3.Added Wi-Fi file transfer function.

4.Digital USB output can now work alongside Airplay and DLNA.

5.Added Over-The-Air firmware update function.

6.Improved playback of DSD128 files.

1.Added SyncLink compatibility for iOS. Eddict Player V1.0.5 or higher needed.
2.Repaired issues with certain FLAC or WMA files.
3.Other bug fixes

How to update:
1.   Make sure that Q1 is fully charged.
2.   Unzip the file and copy “update.bin” file into root(main) folder of micro SD card.
3.   Choose “System Update”in system settings and follow the displayed instructions. 
Wait until system restarts.
4.   Check in settings “About” to make sure new firmware was installed successfully.

Over-the-Air firmware update
 Shanling Q1 can be updated to latest firmware version using Wi-Fi connection.
1.Connect Q1 to Wi-Fi network connected to internet.
2.Go to System update in System submenu, click on “Network update”, confirm update and update will start to download and install. Wait until download and installation is completed and system restarts. Check in settings About to be sure new firmware is installed.

Note: If latest version of firmware is already installed, Q1 will show notification and will stop update.

Historic Version

Q1 Firmware 

Q1 Firmware

Q1 firmware

    Driver: Q1 USB driver

    File size: 1.60MB

    Release time: 2018-10-15

    Developer: ShanLing