Update for your love machine



Version: M3s V1.7

File size: 45.5MB

Release time:Updated August 27, 2018

Developer: ShanLing


Add feature:

  • 1. The text on the left side of the status bar is replaced by the “play” and “pause” icons, and corresponds to the playback status;

  • 2. Add: "Lyrics mode". After opening, the lyrics interface screen is always on;

  • 3. Add the “PO/LO” port identifier to the status bar;

System update method:

  • 1. Go to the product website of Shanling official website to download the latest firmware update.upt.

  • 2, to ensure that the player is fully charged, unzip the compressed package, put the update.upt upgrade file in the compressed package into TF In the card.

  • 3. In the system settings, select the system upgrade. After the upgrade is completed, the system automatically restarts and the upgrade is completed.

  • 4. If the card is pulled out during the upgrade process, the machine will display the words insert TF Pls. At this time, only the card needs to be reinserted.

  • You can continue to upgrade.

  • 5. If you choose not to find the upgrade file after upgrading the system, please check whether the compressed package is extracted and the upgrade file is placed.

  • The root directory or the upgrade file is damaged during the transfer process. The upgrade file update.upt needs to be placed in the root directory of the memory card.

  • If the upgrade file is damaged during transmission, please re-import the upgrade file into the memory card.

Driver: M3s USB driver

File size: 1.60MB

Release time: 2018-10-15

Developer: ShanLing