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ET3 Firmware V1.6


Changes and fixes on ET3

1. Fixed issue with SRC switching channels.
2. Other optimizations.


How to update ET3:

1. Copy the “update.bin” file into root folder / main folder / highest level of USB drive and insert it into ET3. 

2. Go to System settings - System Update and click on “Local Update” and confirm. Wait until system restarts and completes the instalation. Check in settings "About" to be sure new firmware is installed. 

3. If the update doesn’t start after choosing “System Update”, please check if the file has been correctly unzipped, if the file is placed in the correct level of the drive, or if the file hasn’t been damaged during the transfer.

Over-the-Air firmware update

Shanling ET3 can be updated to latest firmware version using Wi-Fi connection.

1.   Connect ET3 to Wi-Fi network connected to internet. Please consult the Advanced User Manual for this.

2. Inser USB drive into ET3. There must be some empty space on the drive.

3.    Go to System settings - System Update, click on “Network update”, confirm update and update will start to download and install. Wait until download and installation is completed and system restarts. Check in settings "About" to be sure new firmware is installed.

Note: If latest version of firmware is already installed, ET3 will show notification and will stop update.