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Playing MQA on UP5

How to set up UP5 and your Tidal software to get full MQA when playing over USB from Computer

  1. Make sure UP5 is set to UAC 2.0 (Available in setting menu on UP5).

  2. Connect UP5 to your computer and confirm it's correctly recognized by the system.

  3. Set Windows volume to 100% and keep it at this setting. Otherwise MQA will not be played correctly.

  4. Open Tidal app and set UP5 as the "Sound Output" device. (It should be listed as Eddict Audio Device).

    tidal setting.jpg

  5. In Sound output menu, click on "More Settings" and set them accordingly to the image bellow:

Tidal MQA settings.png

6. All is now set for MQA Playback.

When playing MQA file from Tidal, UP5 display will "MQA OFS/44.1 or 48". Make sure headphones are connected to UP5.

Note: Please turn off "Loudness normalization" in Tidal's settings, otherwise it might be causing issues with MQA playback.