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Two updated UA models and new USB cable

Our budget portable UA1 DAC/AMP now becoming more practical, UA2 model getting some interesting improvements and a brand-new cable for easy connection to iPhones.


Shanling UA1s

Based upon UA1 Pro, offering the same ESS ES9219C DAC/AMP and 3.5mm output. But now with added in-house developed FPGA for a slight audio quality boost and standard USB-C connector, turning UA1s into a much more practical device with interchangeable cables.

With UA1s you can easily switch from default short USB-C cable to long cables for use at a desk with computers or even to iOS cables for use with iPhones!

MSRP stays the same at 49 USD/Euro.

Available in black or green, releasing this week.



Shanling UA2 Plus

Taking our popular UA2 DAC/AMP, slightly adjusting its tuning to a bit warmer sound and switching from 2.5mm to a more robust 4.4mm balanced connector.

MSRP at 89 USD/Euro.

Available NOW at Shanling distributors in black or silver finish.



Shanling L3

Premium USB cable, 24AWG octa-core construction from pure silver wires, 11.5cm in length.

Available in Lightning to USB-C variant for use with iPhone and as a standard USB-C to USB-C for Android phones.

Lightning to USB-C variant will be available at 17 USD/Euro, while USB-C to USB-C at 15 USD/Euro.

Shipping out this week.

resize_L3 iOS.jpg