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M3X Limited Edition

Developed in a collaboration with two beloved earphone brands, Moondrop and Tanchjim. Offering a dedicated audiophile portable player, matching their earphones both in its design and sound tuning.

- M3X in a clean silver design, with the anime girls pictured on its rear glass

- Custom white leather case with a unique design

- Special bundle packaging, with a few extra art pieces inside

- Adjusted tuning for a better matching with Moondrop and Tanchjim earphones

Limited release at 500 units for the international market, available in middle of June at a premium price.

Available at Shanling sellers in following countries:

- Japan

- Hong Kong

- South Korea

- Taiwan

- Malaysia

- Singapore

- Thailand

For rest of specification, please visit product page of M3X.

01 M3X Back.jpg

02 Packaging.jpg

03 Numbered.jpg

04 Case.jpg

05 Live.jpg

06 With Models.jpg