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M3X Limited Edition

Developed in a collaboration with two beloved earphone brands, Moondrop and Tanchjim. Offering a dedicated audiophile portable player, matching their earphones both in its design and sound tuning.

- M3X in a clean silver design, with the anime girls pictured on its rear glass

- Custom white leather case with a unique design

- Special bundle packaging, with a few extra art pieces inside

- Adjusted tuning for a better matching with Moondrop and Tanchjim earphones

Limited release at 500 units for the international market, available in middle of June at a premium price.

Available at Shanling sellers in following countries:

- Japan

- Hong Kong

- South Korea

- Taiwan

- Malaysia

- Singapore

- Thailand

For rest of specification, please visit product page of M3X.

01 M3X Back.jpg

02 Packaging.jpg

03 Numbered.jpg

04 Case.jpg

05 Live.jpg

06 With Models.jpg


Shanling M5s Firmware 2.0


Shanling M5s Firmware 2.0

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Shanling M0 awarded VGP award!


Shanling M0 awarded VGP award!

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Shanling MW100 Wireless


Shanling MW100 Wireless

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