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M30 Firmware Update

M30 Firmware V1.28

Use OTA update on your player or dowload from Google drive

We recommend to perform factory reset after this update

Google Download (1.3GB)

New system functions and changes:

1.          Adjusted system menu in regards to Input Source switch and accessing Streaming services.

        Please check notes bellow for guide how to use new system.

2.          Added Copy function to folder browsing.

3.          Optimized Wireless Projection performance.

4.          Optimized Synclink performance.

5.          Optimized DLNA and NAS services.

6.          Updated app versions of streaming services.

7.     Adjusted output switching.

8.          Other fixes and improvements.

How to update:

Over-the-Air firmware update

1. Make sure your Player is connected to Wi-FI network with access to internet.

2. Go to "Settings" - "Firmware Update".

3. Click on "Online Update" and wait for system to detect new firmware.

4. Wait until firmware is downloaded and fully installed.

5. Perferm factory reset, deleting all data stored on the streamer and reseting all the apps and settings.

Go to System Setting -> Factory data reset -> Erase Everything

Manual Update (recommended for faster update)

1. Copy downloaded .zip file into root/main folder of internal memory, USB Drive or MicroSD card. 

(without unpacking/opening .zip file)

2. Go to "Settings" - "Firmware Update" and click on "Local Update".

3. In browser, locate the update .zip file.

4. Confirm install and wait until Player updates and restarts itself.

5. Perferm factory reset, deleting all data stored on the streamer and reseting all the apps and settings.

Go to System Setting -> Factory data reset -> Erase Everything

Post Update System Guide

Main menu changes 

Streaming services and Input Switching menus were moved to a different place in the system. Please read this guide to learn how to access them in the new Firmware.

Accessing Input Switching menu

Easiest way to access the Input Switching menu is by dedicated icon in the Swipe down menu. Swipe down from top of the screen to view this menu. Available in all parts of the system.


New “Source” Floating button

This second floating button was added to the system, allowing for quick access to Input Switching Menu from anywhere in the system. To open Input Switching Menu, hold on the “Source” button for 2 seconds.

You can hold and drag this button, to move it around the screen. 

“Source” button can be disabled in System settings – Display – Open Audio-Source Floating Ball.

source button.jpg

New Location of Streaming services

Streaming services were moved to the Input Switching menu. To access this menu, use the “Source” floating button or “Input-Switching” icon in Swipe down menu.

When opening the Streaming services menu, there is slight 5 second delay.


New Floating buttons in Wireless Projection on Eddict player

There are two new floating buttons in Wireless projection - Exit Button and Volume Control button. 

If all floating buttons are enabled, you will see 4 floating buttons in Wireless Projection.

All of these buttons can be moved around the screen, making sure they do not cover any UI elements underneath them.


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