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Is M30 a portable or desktop device?

M30 is an all-in-one device, with its own power and digital player. So, in theory, it could be used as a very bulky portable device. But it was designed as a purely desktop device. It’s heavy and quite big, with inputs and outputs suited for a use at home.

Modular design of M30

What is a modular device?

When designing the M30, we wanted to offer a unique device, one device that will be upgradeable and customizable. We took the idea of a modern desktop Hi-Fi streamer and divided it into multiple separated modules. We arrived to five core modules:
- Digital player with a touch screen, giving you direct control over playback and streaming.
- Digital to Analog converter, which can be used both with the build-in digital player or as an external DAC with your PC, CD player or smartphone.

- Headphone amplifier, for use with a range of high-end headphones and earphones.

- Battery power supply, for clean and stable power.

- Additional Tube circuit, for the fans of this unique sound presentation.

These modules are seated into the main chassis, which includes all needed inputs and outputs.

What are advantages of a modular system?

Firstly, it’s upgradeable. As Hi-Fi and digital technology keep evolving, many devices are becoming obsolete over time. But with the M30, you can simply add in a new flagship DAC, brand new digital player or even new revolutionary battery technology.

Secondly, it’s customizable. Over time, we plan to release different DAC and amplifier modules, so each customer will be able to pick their favourite sound tuning or pick amplifier more suitable for their headphones or earphones.

What modules are available?

At the launch, M30 will come with these five modules:
- Digital player with 6-inch screen, Snapdragon 430 CPU, 4GB RAM + 32GB ROM and closed system build upon Android.

- Digital-to-Analog converter with 2x AKM AK4497 and 2x Ti OPA1662

- Headphone amplifier with 2x ADi ADA4610-3 and 4x Ti BUF634

- Battery module with 16 500 mAh capacity, using 5x 18650 batteries

- Tube module using 2x Korg Nutube 6P1

How will be the M30 sold? Can I pick which modules I want?

At the beginning, M30 will be sold only as an all-included package, with all 5 modules.

Can end user change modules themselves?

Yes, all needed tools and manual are included with the M30.



What system is used in the Digital Player Module of the M30?

Custom build closed system, based on an heavily modified Android 7.1. Developed by our in-house software team.

How is it with software updates?

M30 can be easily updated over the air. Just make sure it’s connected to a local wi-fi network.

What applications can be installed on the M30?

Special version of the Shanling Music player serves as the main app for a music playback.
Spotify, Qobuz and Tidal streaming services are available for installation.

Will there be more applications in the future?

Yes, our software team will be adding more applications over time.

Can I install additional streaming applications or my favourite music player?

No, it’s not possible for users to install additional applications.


Why are we using batteries in a desktop device?

Clean and stable power is essential for a high-end audio performance. By using batteries, we can assure the high quality performance in all environments, without any need to worry about premium power cables or power conditioners.
This approach is based on our experience with an older Shanling H2.2 DAC/AMP, which was also thoroughly powered by batteries.

Can I keep M30 connected to a charger at all times?

Yes, you can keep your M30 connected to a charger at all times. For such usage, we recommend to adjust charging settings in the system menu, by setting a battery percentage when the player starts charging. This will prevent any excess wear of the batteries.

How easy is to exchange batteries?

Due to the modular concept of the M30, exchanging batteries is extremely easy. Just swap the Battery module for a new one and you are good to go.


Can I play music from my microSD cards or SSD drives?

Yes, M30 comes with single SD card slot and dual USB-A ports, which can be used to connect external drives.

Where is the microSD card slot located?

MicroSD card slot is a part of the Digital Player module.
To access this slot, you need to remove the bottom module, pair of fixing rods and Digital Player module from the M30’s chassis. Please refer to the “M30 teardown guide” for detailed information and guide.

How to switch on / off the tube circuit?

Output circuit can be easily switched in system settings or in quick access menu. Users can switch between tube output, headphone amplifier output and direct DAC output.