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New AMP Module for M30

High Power Headphone Amplifier


Shanling users around the World are enjoying their music on a never-ending collection of headphones and earphones, which presents a bit of challenge when designing a new amplifier. Should we focus on portable models, hard-to-drive orthodynamics, traditional high-impedance classics? Or just try to create something universal, something safe?

The original amplifier module of the Shanling M30 was a perfect example of the later approach. Attempting to be the most versatile tool for a vast range of models, keeping the background extremely clean for sensitive earphones, while offering enough power for more demanding full-size headphones. And it served its purpose perfectly, being the ideal “default” choice for a modular design of the M30 system.

Now it’s the time to give you a second choice – High Power Headphone Amplifier Module

We designed this new amplifier with a clear focus on the most demanding full-size headphones and we made sure it will be ready for them all. Over past few months, prototypes travelled to different Shanling dealers and Hi-Fi shows, always being tested with new kinds of headphones, slowly adjusting amplifier’s design, tuning and output power.

In the end we settled on a discrete design, added in the uniquely sounding Sanyo solid capacitors and reached a significantly more powerful output at 3.8W @ 32 Ohm // 0.5W @ 300 Ohm. When paired with full-size headphones, you will appreciate its higher dynamics, faster response and overall so much better control over each aspect of the sound. All while retaining our favourite natural tone with a slightly warmer touch.




M30 High Power Headphone Amplifier will be available for all current M30 owners for 599 USD / Euro MSRP.

Full M30 system can be ordered with this new module already installed, MSRP at 3899 USD / Euro.

Standard M30 system setup will still be available at original MSRP of 3599 USD / Euro.

Please contact your local Shanling dealer or distributor for more information.

M30 module.jpg



Output power:

Single-Ended - 6V @ 32 Ohm (1125 mW) // 7V @ 300 Ohm (165 mW)

Balanced - 11V @ 32 Ohm (3.8 W) // 13V @ 300 Ohm ( 0.56 W)


Output impedance:

Single-Ended 0.8 Ohm // Balanced 1.6 Ohm


M30 Balanced Bypass Mode:

THD – 0.0007%

Channel separation

Dynamic range - 125 dB

Channel separation – 105 dB

Signal-to-noise – 123 dB

M30 Balanced Transistor Mode:

THD – 0.0009%

Channel separation

Dynamic range - 114 dB

Channel separation – 104 dB

Signal-to-noise – 114 dB


M30 Balanced Tube Mode:

THD – 0.2%

Channel separation

Dynamic range - 101 dB

Channel separation – 100 dB

Signal-to-noise – 101 dB

resize_M30 amp (6).jpg


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