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M1s Firmware Update

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Shanling M1s Firmware V2.0

Download from Google Drive

Changes and fixes:

1. Added support of aptX HD and aptX to Bluetooth receiver mode

2. Added automatic time and date synchronization over network

3. Optimized Bluetooth compatibility with certain devices

4. Optimized behaviour of M1s in USB DAC mode in regards to charging

5. Fixed issue with library scanning certain problematic files

6. Other fixes and improvements

How to update:

1.   Make sure your device is fully charged.

2.   Unzip the downloaded file and put “update.bin” file into root folder / main folder / highest level of Micro SD card.

3.   Go to System settings - System and Update – System Update and click on “TF card update” and confirm. Wait until system restarts. Check in settings "About" to be sure new firmware is installed.

4.   If Micro SD card was removed during update process, M1s will show “insert TF Please”, please insert Micro SD card back into your device in order to continue update.

5.   If update doesn’t start after choosing “System Update”, please check if the file has been unzipped, if the file is placed in root folder, or if the file has been damaged during the transfer.

Over-the-Air firmware update

Shanling M1s can be updated to latest firmware version using Wi-Fi connection.

1.   Connect M1s to Wi-Fi network connected to internet. Make sure player is fully charged.

2.    Go to System settings - System and Update – System Update, click on “Network update”, confirm update and update will start to download and install. Wait until download and installation is completed and system restarts. Check in settings "About" to be sure new firmware is installed.

Note: If latest version of firmware is already installed, M1s will show notification and will stop update.


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