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Shanling joins MQA!

When we came out with our first portable music player, the Shanling M3, you could play only music stored on MicroSD cards. But it changed significantly over next few years. We added Bluetooth, DLNA and Airplay for wireless playback. With the Shanling M6 we went into the world of never-ending possibilities with an Android. And we even build in few music streaming services directly into our MTouch system.


Today, we are taking next step by implementing the MQA technology into first Shanling Audio product, the Shanling M5s Portable Hi-Res Music Player.

Shanling M5s can now act as a MQA Full Decoder, working directly with MQA files or Tidal streaming and providing the highest level of sound quality.

MQA is available on all units of Shanling M5s, current owners only need to update to the new Firmware version 4.0.


Learn more about MQA, how does it work and how to start playing MQA.

Learn more about Shanling M5s, our best non-Android Portable Hi-Res player

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