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Introducing Shanling UP5

New flagship model of our portable Bluetooth DAC/AMP line. Building upon our popular UP4, but with a few key improvements, making it not only a better Bluetooth device, but also a better USB DAC/AMP.

-  New Bluetooth chip Qualcomm QCC5120

-  Upgraded to ESS Sabre ES9219C DAC/AMPs

-  Three outputs – 2.5mm, 3.5mm and 4.4mm

-  Small OLED screens for easy access to settings and playback information

-  XMOS USB input, allowing UP5 to function as a proper USB DAC/AMP

-  MQA Support

-  Car mode

MSRP 179 USD/Euro


DAC/AMP: 2X ESS Sabre ES9219C

Outputs: 3.5mm Single ended, 2.5mm & 4.4mm Balanced

Bluetooth Chip: Qualcomm QCC5120

Bluetooth version: 5.0

Bluetooth codec: LDAC, LHDC, aptX HD, aptX LL, aptX, AAC, SBC

Output power:

-        Single ended, single DAC – 90 mW@32ohm

-        Single ended, dual DAC – 112 mW@32ohm

-        Balanced – 240 mW@32ohm

Battery life: Up to 15 hours (Single ended, Single DAC) / Up to 11 hours (Balanced)

Battery: 680 mAh

Size: 68 x 39 x 14.5mm

Weight: 50g


Shanling M5s Firmware 2.0


Shanling M5s Firmware 2.0

New firmware for Shanling M5s is ready.


Shanling M0 awarded VGP award!


Shanling M0 awarded VGP award!

Everybody loves Shanling M0, even jury of prestigious Japanese Visual...


Shanling MW100 Wireless


Shanling MW100 Wireless

Our first Bluetooth earphones!