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Introducing Shanling UA4

With UA4 we combined all the favourite features from our previous UA models, added in a brand-new ESS DAC and priced it to be extra competitive in this quickly growing market of ultra-compact USB DACs

We understand our users demand more controls directly on the DAC, so the UA4 comes with a 0.87-inch display, providing information on current playback and quick access to a range of settings. Helping with this is a trio of buttons, that not only serve for menu navigation, but can be configured to control the playback, hardware volume or software volume (functions can differ depending on the paired digital source).

Audio circuit utilizes our favourite dual Ricore RT6863 headphone amplifiers for balanced output and up to 211 mW @ 32 Ω of output power. This time paired with a brand-new ES9069Q DAC from the latest generation of ESS’ DACs. Tuned by our highly experienced engineers, with an extra focus on the clean and hiss-free output for all the high-efficient earphone users.


Available Soon

resize_UA4 Poster.jpg

Shanling UA4 – Portable USB DAC/AMP

- New Design, available in Silver or Grey version

- Brand new ESS ES9069Q DAC

- Dual Ricore RT6863 Headphone Balanced Amplifier

- Three buttons for Hardware Volume Control / Software Volume Control / Playback Control

- 3.5mm Single-ended & 4.4mm Balanced Outputs

- Up to 211mW @ 32 Ohm Output power

- Compatible with Android, Windows, Mac and iOS.

- Shanling L3 Lightning cable needed for use with iOS Lightning devices

- UAC2.0 and UAC1.0 mode compatible, for use with Nintendo Switch and other gaming systems or older devices.

- Hi-Res support up to 32/768 and DSD512

- Universal USB-C Connector

- Compatible with Eddict Player app