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Introducing Shanling ME600

Shanling ME600 represents a big upgrade to our midrange offering in the 300 USD earphone range. Featuring a brand-new construction with a heavily altered design, taking a bold step in a more unique direction. ME600 also becomes our most affordable five-driver hybrid, while utilizing interesting new technologies, not seen in Shanling earphones before. And tuned for a pleasing warmer and smoother sound, with deep reaching and hard-hitting bass.


Shanling ME600 are now shipping to international distributors and they will be available at 329 USD MSRP


Now Available at Official Shanling E-Shop

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Key Features

-          Three-Way Hybrid Design with Custom PCB Crossover

-          Two 6mm Bio-Diaphragm Dynamic Bass Drivers

-          Dual Balanced Armature Midrange Drivers

-          Dedicated Balanced Armature Treble Driver

-          Tubeless Design and Two Helmholtz Resonators

-          Three Interchangeable Sound Tuning Nozzles

-          Hand-Polished Gold-Played Stainless Steel Body

-          Complex 6000 Series Aluminium Faceplate

-          Unique and Highly Ergonomic Design

-          Industry Standard MMCX Connectors

-          Silver-plated Copper Cable with Modular Connectors

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