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Introducing Shanling M1s

M1 was our first truly compact portable player, released back in 2016. Later came the Q1, with its retro-styled design, so different from our classic players. And the line was topped by the M5s, the best sounding and most feature-rich MTouch player.


Shanling M1s takes the best aspects of these models and combines them into one, making for an ideal mid-sized MTouch portable player.


Updated MTouch system gets all the extra features from the M5s, including Wi-Fi connection and streaming capabilities, it even adapts a similar UI design. But this time powered by a more advanced Ingenic X2000 platform, opening space for future software development.

Audio section also follows in the steps of M5s, opting for a more complex circuit, with a high-performance ESS ES9038Q2M DAC, in-house developed FPGA technology and dedicated headphone amplifiers. Allowing for a high-powered balanced 4.4mm output, alongside the standard 3.5mm.

All of it packed into a Q1-sized body, based around 2.8-inch touch screen, nicely balancing compact size with usability. And featuring our latest body design, inspired by M3X and M8 Android players, with a new addition of front-facing playback buttons.


When all put together, M1s comes as our most featured and best sounding MTouch player, while staying true to its heritage of compact design


M1s avaialble on international markets exclusively from

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