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Firmware Update for H7

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Shanling H7 Firmware V1.5

Download Update from Google Drive

Update Notes for V1.5

1. Added SyncLink support for cover art and lyrics stored on MicroSD card within H7. (At this time only supported on Android, app version V2.1.5).

2. Added Resume function for MicroSD card playback.

3. Added battery indicator for H7 into the SyncLink on Eddict Player app.

4. Adjusted audio circuit behaviour, reducing audio cut-off at the beginning of music.

5. Other device adjustments and fixes.

How to update:

1. Download the firmware update and unzip the file.

2. Copy the “update.bin” file to the MicroSD card. Copy it into the main folder/root directory of the card. Do not copy it into any subfolders.

3. Make sure H7 is fully charged and insert the MicroSD card.

4. Open the settings on H7 and navigate to “System Update”. Then press on the volume wheel.

Device will check for the firmware update file and perform the update, after which it will restart.