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EM5 Streaming DAC/AMP

EM5 is part of our new desktop line, build around the same streaming player we introduced with the M30.

EM5 was designed as a DAC/AMP for high-end headphones, with a range of different connectors, including balanced XLR and 4.4mm. It can also be used as a DAC and pre-amplifier when combined with a separate power amplifier or active speakers.


Availability at internationals markets – September / October


MSRP – 849 USD / Euro


EM5 Stock (4).jpg


System: Closed Customized Android, with build-in streaming apps

Display: Touch 4.7-inch HD


Power supply: Separated power for analog and digital section

Analog: Low noise Toroidal transformer

Digital: Switching power supply

Analog circuit:
OPA2211 as low pass filter*

2X TPA6120A2 for headphone output

2X Muse8920 for pre-amp output
3rd Generation FPGA
CPAF Filter technology
KDS Crystal oscillator
Panasonic Tantalum capacitors


Headphone Outputs: 6.35mm single ended, 4.4mm & 4pin XLR Balanced

Pre-amp outputs: RCA & XLR Outputs

Digital input: USB, Coaxial, optical, LAN and external driver USB slot

Digital output: Coaxial & Optical


Output power:

Single ended 6.35mm – 540mW @ 32Ohm

Balanced – 1620mW @ 32Ohm


Wireless connection:
Wifi 2.4 & 5G

Support DLNA and AIrplay

Two-way Bluetooth 4.2, with LDAC support


Audio support:

PCM 32/384

DSD256 native, DSD512 software

8x MQA

*Note: Due to printing error, some units of EM5 show OPA1612 in their diagram. Actual component used is OPA2211