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ECMini Firmware Update

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Lear more about ECMini

Shanling ECMini Firmware V2.3

Download from Google Drive

Changes and fixes on ECMini

1. Fixed USB Audio output compatibility with MQA files

2. Optimized standby battery performance

3. Improved compatibility with 1.5TB and 2TB cards

4. Other optimizations.

How to update ECMini

Firmware Update Demands a MicroSD card

        1. Download the firmware package, unzip it, and copy the upgrade file "update.bin" to the MicroSD card. Copy the file into the main/root directory, do not copy it into any folders.

        2. Insert the MicroSD card into the EC Mini.

            Go to ”System” – “System Update” and confirm the update.

            Wait for the system to update and restart automatically.

            You can go to “System” – “About” to confirm firmware was installed correctly.