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New Companion app for UP2 & UP4

Shanling Controller is our new app, developed as a companion app for use with the Shanling UP2 and UP4 Bluetooth amplifiers. It offers access to range of useful settings, such as channel balance and Bluetooth codecs.

Companion app is especially useful for the UP2, for the first-time allowing users to switch between different gain modes and digital filters.

App download

Go to app store on your Android or iOS device and search for "Shanling Controller".

Download Shanling Controller app from Google Play Store.

Download Shanling Controller app from Apple app store.


Features of Shanling Controller app:
- Basic info on connected device – Battery status, Bluetooth codec, firmware version.

- Turn on/off RGB LED indicator

- Channel balance

- Enable/disable Bluetooth codecs

- Gain setting

- Equalizer (Not available for LDAC and HWA LHDC connection)

- Digital filter settings


UP2 and UP4 needs to be updated to new firmware, adding compatibility with Shanling Controller app.

Shanling UP2 Firmware V1.7.3 – Download from our website or Google Drive

Shanling UP4 Firmware V1.2.3 – Download from our website or Google Drive

Note: We made new and simplified software for the firmware update, please follow attached UPGRADE GUIDE to update your device.


Shanling UP2 & UP4 Firmware notes 

New features: 

1.       Compatibility with new Shanling Controller app.

Note: Shanling Controller app is included as .apk file alongside the firmware update in zip file.

Changes and Fixes 

1.       Fixed issue, when device failed to recognize it was used as USB DAC

2.       Other bug fixes 

Previous Fixes included in UP4 Firmware V1.1 

Changes and fixes 

1.       Low battery warning is disabled while music is playing.

2.       Fixed problem causing volume jump after connection.

3.       Fixed problem causing channel imbalance.

4.       Fixed problem of missing first second when using WeChat.

5.       Other bug fixes.