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Shanling M5s Firmware 2.0

Shanling M5s Firmware 2.0

 New firmware for Shanling M5s is ready. Please go to Download section of our website to download needed files and update instructions.

 Changes and fixes

1.       Added DSD output mode setting. Only affecting USB out, M5s itself processes DSD in native way.

2.       Optimization of Bluetooth connection.

3.       Improved sound quality of SBC Bluetooth connection.

4.       Added scrolling text for long file names. Swipe lefty on file to make text scroll.

5.       Position of items in Idle menu were changed to allow quicker access to Sleep Timer.

6.       Fixed problem causing white noise during playback of some DSD files.

7.       Fixed problem of some cover arts not being displayed properly.

8.       Other changes and optimization were done to following parts – Currently playing playlist, Volume bar, Network update, Deleting files, Auto shutdown during battery charging, Power saving while no music is playing, Wake-up from standby mode, System freezing.

Note: Firmware 2.0 added Hi-Fi Cloud music streaming app, but this app is only available within Mainland China. To view it in the menu, Language of device must be switched to Simplified Chinese.