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Setting up Shanling M6 & M6 Pro

Setting up Shanling M6 & M6 Pro

No matter if you are complete beginner when it comes to modern operation systems, iOS user being slightly confused by Android, or experienced user just looking for few advanced tips, we hope this setup guide will be helpful for you.

First step – Quick Start Guide

Quick start guide comes with each player, you can find it in small box in rear part of packaging, alongside screen protectors. We recommend to read it first, mainly part regarding “Gesture/Floating Ball Operation”, which will teach you how to move around Android system

First Power On

To turn on player, press down volume wheel and hold it until Shanling logo shows up on the screen. Now you will need to set three basic settings:

-          Language

-          Wi-Fi connection

-          Virtual key mode setting

Note: All these settings can be changed at any time in main system settings.

Firmware update

Before you start setting up all menus and installing apps, we strongly recommend to firstly update firmware of your player. Especially if your unit comes from first run with firmware V2.62 for M6 or V1.0 for M6 Pro

How can you find out which firmware are you currently using? Go to Settings (grey gear icon), scroll all the way down to “About device” and there you can see current firmware version under “Build number”.

Then check Download part of our website for latest firmware for your device. M6 page & M6 Pro page (V1.1 currently)

Players support over-the-air (OTA) updates and it’s the recommended way how to perform updates.

1.       Open “Support” app (purple light bulb icon).

2.       Tap on Update (might be Upgrade in older versions or in some other languages).

3.       App will find new firmware update for your player. You can choose from one of two servers and then proceed with downloading.

4.       When fully downloaded, confirm installation and wait until system finishes its automatic update. After device restarts, everything is ready for you.

5.       Check the firmware notes on our website, after some firmware updates factory reset of player is needed.

Note: If you will be facing any problems with OTA update, firmware update file can be downloaded directly from our website, including How-to-update guide.

Note: All following information are based on firmware V3.1 for M6 and V1.1 for M6 Pro.

Installing apk files

To install aps using .apk files, you can use pre-installed “Files” browser. You only need to copy .apk file onto Micro SD card (internal memory can’t be used for this) and then access .apk file through “Files” browser.

Quick access menu

Swipe down from top of the screen to access:

-          Brightness settings

-          Wi-Fi settings

-          Bluetooth settings

-          PO - Headphone / LO - Line-Out switch

-          High / Low gain switch (Turbo gain also available on M6 Pro)

-          Audio settings shortcut

-          Airplay mode

-          Full Android / simplified Prime mode switch (in Prime mode, only Shanling Music app is available)

-         USB MODE -DISK (Storage) / USB DAC switch (Affecting how will player behave when connected to computer)

-          Screenshot button

-          Screen Off button

-          Single / Dual Dac switch (Available only on M6 Pro)

Transferring files to players from computer

Firstly, make sure player is switched to Storage mode, accessible in Quick access menu.

When you connect player to computer with USB cable, as default it will only start to charge. You need to swipe down from top of the screen to view Quick access menu and there you will see Android System notification about USB charging. Tap on this notifications and switch to “Transfer files”.

Now both internal memory of player and inserted Micro SD card will show up on your computer as “MTP USB Device”. Simply copy there all your audio and other files.

Some key settings

Settings > Bluetooth 

> Bluetooth Amp Mode – Activate to use player in Bluetooth receiver mode with smartphone or tablet.

Settings > Display   

> Sleep – Set period after which player turns of screen (15s – 30m).

Virtual key mode – Switch between gestures and floating ball controls.

> Virtual key mode – Activate standard Android navigation bar.

Settings > Audio      

> Lowpass filter mode – Switch between different digital filters, affecting sound of player.

> Boot volume – Set default volume that will be set when player turns on.

> Max volume – Set limit on volume, to prevent any accidental volume rise.

> Wireless playback quality – Set which Bluetooth codec will be used when connecting player to Bluetooth headphones and speakers. This setting has no effect on Bluetooth receiver mode.

Settings > Scheduled power off

> Sleep Poweroff – Sleep timer, sets time after which player will automatically turn off. ( 1-120m)

> Idle Poweroff - If player is not being used, it will automatically turn off after set time ( 1-50m, can be turned off completely).

Settings > Languages & input

> Virtual keyboard – Switch from default Chinese keyboard to other languages.

Shanling Music App

Default pre-installed music player of M6 and M6 Pro.

To start playing your music, you need to firstly perform “Library Update”, it’s the first item in menu. It will scan all audio files for their tags and sort them into library, accordingly to Album, Artist, Genre, etc.

Files can be also accessed through basic “Folders” browsing, even without need to perform Library update. This can be helpful if you are often switching between different Micro SD cards and don’t want to wait for library update.



How is it with Android’s Sample Rate Conversion on M6 and M6 pro? Does it affect apps I install?

We customized Android on our players to avoid any sample rate conversions and its negative impact on sound quality. All audio played on players will be output at its default sampling rate, including all High-Resolution files. To make sure it’s working properly, currently used sampling rate is displayed in status bar.

Same applies to any app you will install on player, all of them will completely avoid sample rate conversion and output audio files in their original form.

How to enter Android Recovery menu? / How to perform factory reset?

If you will be facing some system breaking issues, it’s always possible fix them with help of Android Recovery menu.

1.       Turn off player.

2.       Hold down volume wheel and top left button at the same time, hold until Shanling logo appears. If performed successfully, image of green robot and “No command” text will appear.

3.       Hold down volume wheel and while holding it down, turn it one step clockwise.

4.       Now you entered Android Recovery menu. Use volume wheel up/down to go through menu and press volume wheel to confirm. Wipe data/Factory reset option can be found in the middle.

What’s difference between International and Chinese version of M6?

Please visit this post to learn more.

Are there International and Chinese versions for M6 Pro?
No, M6 Pro is available only in one version for all markets.



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