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Shanling M30 Updates

Shanling M30 is our unique Modular Hi-Fi Streamer, originally released in 2021. 

Today we are excited to announce its new Digital Player module, re-stock of its High-Power Amplifier module and its fully upgraded version as M30 Pro.


665 Digital Player module

New Screen Mechanism

Firstly, we have to talk about the new screen, which is now tiltable! This design was highly praised on our EM7 streamer, but it took us a while to design a suitable mechanism to fit it into the M30 modular system. The mechanism is now fully integrated into the module, while the screen is protruding only minimally above the main chassis. The display itself is 5.8-inches 2160 x 1080, made by Sharp.

Tiltable screen really changes the ways you can control your M30, making it much better fit into different setups at your home or office.

Alongside this change, we also moved the MicroSD card slot under the screen, making it much easier to access the card directly from the top of the device.



Upgraded components and system

New module brings our latest Android platform, with a more modern Snapdragon 665 CPU for faster and smoother system response. We also added RAM to 6GB and increased inner memory to 128 GB, offering improved app behaviour.

The system is still running our in-house version of closed Android, but now switched to Android 10, assuring extended compatibility with a range of streaming apps. We also adjusted the overall UI, for faster and easier navigation.

Pricing and availability

665 Digital Player Module will be available through all Shanling distributors, starting from the beginning of December. It’s not likely to be kept in stock by distributors, so please reach out directly to them for ordering.

MSRP of 665 Digital player Module is set at 1099 USD


High-Power Amplifier back in stock

We released this upgraded amplifier for M30 in 2022 and it was big success with the M30 owners.

High-Power amplifier module is now back in stock, at the same MSRP of 599 USD.

You can find all the details about the module on this page.



Fully Upgraded Shanling M30 Pro

To make a clear distinction between versions of the M30, we will now be offering the fully upgraded version under the name M30 Pro.

Shanling M30 Pro will include following:

-          New 665 Digital player Module

-          High-Power Amplifier module

-          Original AKM AK4497 DAC Module

-          Original Battery Module

Shanling M30 Pro will be available from December, at 4999 USD MSRP


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