Update for your love machine



Version: M5s V3.3

File size: 40.0MB

Release time: Aug.15th,2019.

Developer: ShanLing


New functions:

1. Added Spectrum analyzer and Analog decibelmeter as optional interface of Now Playing Screen. Go to“System” – “Playing interface”to enable.

2. Added Album Artist browsing. Go to “Artist” and click on artist icon in top menu to enable.

Note: All files must have Album Artist tag filled, otherwise they will be listed under “Unknown artist”.

3. Added animations for USB DAC, charging and Bluetooth receiver mode.

4. Added new UI theme.


1. Fixed problem with AAC Bluetooth, previously causing problems with some TWS earphones.

2. Fixed problem with limited characters in Tidal log in.

3. Other bug fixes

How to update:

1. Make sure your device is fully charged.   

2. Unzip the downloaded file and put “update.bin” file into root folder of Micro SD card

3. Go to System update in System submenu, click on “TF card update” and confirm. Wait until system restarts. Check in settings About M5s to be sure new firmware is installed

4. If Micro SD card was removed during update process, M5s will show “insert TF Please”, please insert Micro SD card back into your device in order to continue update.  

5. If update doesn’t start after choosing “System Update”, please check if the file has been unzipped, if the file is placed in root folder, or if the file has been damaged during the transfer.

Over-the-Air firmware update

Shanling M5s can be updated to latest firmware version using Wi-Fi connection.

1.Connect M5s to Wi-Fi network connected to internet.

2. Go to System update in System submenu, click on “Network update”, confirm update and update will start to download and install. Wait until download and installation is completed and system restarts. Check in settings About M5s to be sure new firmware is installed.                  

Note: If latest version of firmware is already installed, M5s will show notification and will stop update.                  


Driver: M5s USB driver

File size: 1.60MB

Release time: 2018-10-15

Developer: ShanLing


Transmitting digital audio signals

  • Please visit the official website to enter the product page to download and install the latest firmware.

  • Open the machine to enter the "System Settings" interface, select the "USB Mode" item and set it to the "DAC" state and return to the main interface.

  • After connecting to the computer, please extract the file "M5s USB driver.rar" and install the "setup.exe" file to the computer.

  • Right click on the “Sound” option on the computer and select “Playback Device” and check “Speaker SHANLING AUDIO DEVICE” as the default device, as shown above.


USB driver download method

  • Please log in to the official website to enter the M5s product page for related downloads.