Update for your love machine



Version: M2s V3.5

File size: 46.6MB

Release time: Aug.27th,2018.

Developer: ShanLing


Changes and fixes:

  • 1. Phone out/Line out icon added to status bar

  • 2. Lyrics can be enabled through settings.

How to update:

  • 1. Make sure your device is in full battery condition, unzip the file and put update.upt into root folder of TF card.

  • 2. Choose “System Update” in system settings and wait until system restarts. Check in settings “About ” to be sure new firmware is installed.

  • 3. If TF card has been pulled out during update process, it will show “insert TF Please”, please insert TF back into your device in order to continue update.

  • 4. If update doesn’t start after choosing “System Update”, please check if the file has been unzipped, if the file has been in root folder, or if the file has been damaged during the transfer. The firmware must be in the root folder of TF card. If it is damaged, please transfer it into the TF card again.

Driver: M2s USB driver

File size: 1.60MB

Release time: 2018-10-15

Developer: ShanLing