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Shanling ME500 Platinum edition

We prepared for you new edition of Shanling ME500, offering even more premium coating and few construction improvements.


* High density brass shell with platinum plating: Shiny platinum makes ME500 look even better and also improves resistance to corrosion and abrasion.

 * Octa-core silver-plated oxygen-free 6N copper cable: From hybrid cable to all silver-plated copper, making ME500 sound even better. And with improved technics, we achieved much tighter construction, reducing risk of unwanted oxidization of wires.

 * New upgraded MMCX connector: With thicker gold platting, improving connection and assuring longer lifespan (Upgraded MMCX connectors should withstand 4x more insertions than standard MMCX connector)

 * Improved ear guides: Switching from PU tube to PE heat-shrinkable tube, making ear guides softer and more skin friendly.

Available on international market at end of August.

MSRP 299 USD / 299 Euro