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Introducing Shanling ME800

New top model of the ME line, building upon our experience with Shanling ME700 and ME700 Lite.


ME800 keeps the hybrid earphone design, but upgrades it to a six-driver configuration, utilizing combination of four custom balanced armature drivers and two dynamic drivers. Instead of one big dynamic driver of ME700, we are switching to two smaller 6mm dynamic drivers, both of them with a crystal-plated bio-diaphragm.


New feature of the ME800 is a pair of switches, allowing for changes to bass and treble performance, giving you essentially 4 slightly different sound tuning options in a single earphone. Our favourite one is with the treble switch enabled.


We prepared a brand-new cable for ME800, octa-core Fukukawa single crystal copper cable, perfectly matching its tuning and Hi-Fi performance. And for the first time, we added the modular plug system, making it easy to switch between single ended 3.5mm and balanced 2.5mm & 4.4mm connectors.


Choose between Desert or Forest design of handcrafted faceplate.


Available at international markets alongside Shanling M9 in early January. Try the ME800 & M9 combination, for the High-End Sound experience.


MSRP 779 USD / Euro


-        6 Driver Hybrid design.

-        Four Custom Balanced armature drivers.

-        Two 6mm Dynamic drivers with crystal-plated bio-diaphragm.

-        Two switches, offering four different sound tuning options.

-        3D printed ergonomic shell

-        Handcrafted faceplate

-        MMCX Connectors

-        Furukawa Single Crystal copper 8-core cable

-        Interchangeable 2.5mm/3.5mm/4.4mm connectors

-        Impedance 16ohm

-        Sensitivity 112 dB

-        Frequency response 20 - 40 000 Hz


resize_ME800 Brown (4).jpg

resize_ME800 Green.jpg

Response ME800.jpg

ME800 Connectors.jpg