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Introducing Shanling CD-T35

Shanling Audio was established in 1988, but their history with CD players started in 1994 with the release of Shanling SCD-939. What followed was a decade of significant progress in both the domestic and international Hi-Fi markets, culminating with the release of the legendary CD-T300 in 2004.


With its famous Three-legged design, state-of-the-art DACs and Tube-based output, Shanling CD-T300 represented one of the pinnacles of the CD players of the time. Available only as a limited release at just 300 units, each of them going for 6995 USD. To this day heavily sought after by Hi-Fi aficionados.

Now, 20 years later, Shanling returns to this unique three-legged design and to the highest levels of High-End Hi-Fi, with the new Shanling CD-T35. A sort of amalgamation of the best components from the history of Shanling Audio, gathering the last remaining pieces of renowned parts for the final limited run of just 99 units. Crafted into one machine with all the experience Shanling engineers earned over the past 35 years and combined with the latest in-house developed streaming systems.


The ultimate High-End CD player for the modern age.

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At the heart of CD-T35 lies two important components, two parts that proved to be crucial in the history of Shanling, two elements critical for the true High-End Sound, yet both are sadly not available anymore.

Firstly, the Philips CD-Pro 2, the legendary CD module featuring in some of the best CD players of all time. Likely the best Philips CD ever, utilizing linear tracking, housed in an overbuilt die-cast metal body and running an advanced decoding system for ideal error-free reading of the discs. It provides the CD player with a beautiful unique sound, simply unmatched by other CD mechanisms.

Then a pair of AKM AK4499EQ DACs. Released as the flagship component of the Japanese chip manufacturer, it earned its amazing reputation over many Hi-Fi devices, including Shanling M8 and M9, until production was sadly halted due to the fire at AKM’s facilities in 2020. It was the clear choice for CD-T35 thanks to its great High-fidelity potential and nice alignment with Shanling’s house sound.

Similar approach was taken with other parts of the audio circuit, with engineers reaching into their last remaining stock of the best capacitors, internal wiring and even solder material, all in the pursuit of the high-end performance of CD-T35. Combined with the latest in-house technologies developed by Shanling, including Constant Phase in All Frequencies Low Pass system and Custom I/V conversion circuit. And it wouldn’t be a proper Shanling CD player without tubes, featuring four hand-matched 12AU7 tubes for the optional added warmth and smoothness to the sound. 

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But CD-T35 is more than just a simple CD player, its insides hide Shanling’s latest Android-based system, powered by an Octa-Core Snapdragon CPU. Offering modern connectivity over Wi-Fi for DLNA and Airplay playback, alongside a range of streaming services including Tidal, Qobuz, Apple Music and Spotify. All controlled through an HD touch-screen directly on the CD-T35 or from the comfort of a tablet or smartphone with Shanling’s companion app. With dual split power supply assuring an ideal divide between the digital and analog sections of the CD player.


For Audiophile headphone users, CD-T35 comes in a special version with an additional high-end amplifier module. With four gain stages and offering up to 7.6 W @ 32 Ohm output power, this extremely powerful amplifier will be a matching partner for even the most demanding headphones on the market.

Shanling CD-T35 will be released on the international market in January 2024, with availability through Shanling’s chain of dedicated international distributors and Shanling official E-Shop.

Retail price of $16,999 USD for Shanling CD-T35

Retail price of $18,999 USD for Shanling CD-T35 with Headphone Amplifier Module

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