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Introducing Shanling MG800

Shanling MG Earphone Line

Main concept of the MG line are premium single dynamic driver earphones. Expect different drivers with some unique diaphragms, matched with shells made from a wide range of materials and some other less common earphone elements.

We started with wooden MG600. Today we are adding the MG800, the flagship model of MG line.


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Shanling MG800

Available in August

MSRP 899 USD / Euro


Dynamic driver of MG800 is a new 11mm design, utilizing a dual N48 magnet concept, combined with an ultra-fine Daikoku voice coil and a Diamond-Like-Carbon (DLC) plated diaphragm. Sitting inside an aviation grade titanium shell that was crafted using a highly precise 5-axis CNC machining.

MG800 operates with a semi-open acoustic design, allowing for a natural diffusion of sound, creating wider soundstage and significantly helping in reducing a listening fatigue over long listening sessions. Our engineers also decided to use a flexible driver suspension, to eliminate any unwanted vibration transmission between the driver and the shell, working further towards a higher clarity in the sound.

Tuning of the MG800 aims to offer a more balanced presentation, but we still like to keep it nicely kicking in the lowest frequencies, so the bass keeps a healthy quantity and a proper reach. Compared to the warm and thick mids of the MG600, our new flagship focuses much more on faster and cleaner midrange and treble frequencies, preferring accuracy over a simple enjoyment.


MG800 Stock (2).jpg

Paired with an octa-core Furukawa hybrid cable, mixing 6 cores of a single-crystal copper with 2 cores of a silver-plated copper. And with our premium quality MMCX connectors and modular plug system, for an easy switch between 2.5mm, 3.5mm and 4.4mm connectors.


And for the first time, we are adding a system of three interchangeable brass nozzles, allowing for simple adjustments to the sound profile. Helping each customer to really tune MG800 to their liking, especially in addition to the included five different types of eartips.

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