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Introducing Shanling MG600

Start of New Shanling MG Earphone Line

Main concept of the MG line are premium single dynamic driver earphones. Expect different drivers with some unique diaphragms, matched with shells made from a wide range of materials and some other less common earphone elements.

We are starting with the MG600, but more are coming in the future.


Available in May
MSRP 599 USD / Euro

Main body of the Shanling MG600 is made out of a stabilized maple wood, with color tones ranging from deep dark to very light blues, accompanied by yellow or golden veins going through. 

Each pair carefully crafted and color matched, yet each of them being wholly unique.

With Shanling MG600, we are also switching to our new IEM design. With a smaller and rounded body, combined with the very low weight of the wood (just 3.3g per earphone), it makes for a pair of extremely comfortable IEMs.

resize_#2.1 Wood.jpg

Featuring brand new 10mm Dynamic Driver

Aluminium/magnesium alloy dome for an improved treble performance. Diaphragm using mix of carbon and graphite fiber composites offering enhanced rigidity and endurance. High-tension Japanese coil and high-performance magnet to truly use all the power they can get.

resize_#4 driver.jpg

Octa-core cable, carefully picked for ideal matching with the tuning of the MG600. 

Six cores of a high-purity single-crystal copper, two cores of a silver-plated copper, all in an independent shielding and with a special coating, for a smoother and more resistant outer layer

Easily switch between the most common connectors. Compatible with both standard 3.5mm and balanced outputs, matching with most device, from phones to the High-End portable players.

#6.1 cable.jpg

resize_#6.2 cable.jpg