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Introducing Shanling MCD1.3

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Following our popular SCD1.3 SACD Player, today we are launching the cheaper CD only version, Shanling MCD1.3 Multifunctional CD Player.

Based on Philips SAA7824 drive and Sanyo DA11 laser, MCD1.3 offers top quality CD drive playback, while also adding MQA-CD support (4x Unfolding). Rest of the device is same as the SCD1.3, featuring the multifunctional system, Wi-Fi & Bluetooth connectivity, flagship AKM DAC, configurable I2S output and range of analogue outputs, including dedicated headphone amplifier.

Shanling MCD1.3 will be available in early June at just 1019 USD

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Main Features:

- Ingenic X2000 Platform

- Simple and Quick MTouch System

- Wi-Fi Connectivity for DLNA, Airplay & NAS

- Bluetooth 5.0 Input with LDAC, aptX HD & AAC

- USB Drive Playback up to 32/768 & DSD512

- XMUS UX316 USB Input

- FPGA controlled I2S Output (10 Pinout modes)

- AKM AK4499EX DAC & AK4191 Modulator

- Muses 8920 Based Pre-amplifier circuit

- TPA6120 Headphone Amplifier

- Balanced XLR & Single Ended RCA

Refer to SCD1.3 product page for all further details

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