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Introducing M0s

Shanling M0 shocked the market in 2018 and started a new generation of ultra-portable Hi-Fi players.

Shanling M0 Pro then pushed it further by squeezing powerful balanced output into such a tiny player.

And today we are releasing Shanling M0s, new budget version of M0 at just 99 USD!


Available NOW at Shanling Official E-Shop



M0s and M0 Pro are identical in almost all core aspects. Ultra-compact aluminium construction, simple MTouch system, rich connectivity with two-way Bluetooth and two-way USB, all these beloved aspects of M0 Pro are still here with M0s.

But we are switching from two ESS ES9219C DACs to a much simpler analog circuit with a single Cirrus Logic CS43131 DAC. Maximum output power was lowered from 240 mW to just 60mW @ 32 Ohm and the overall tuning follows a more neutral presentation.



So, how to decide between M0s and M0 Pro?

For easy-to-drive Earphones and Bluetooth headphones, just go with the M0s.

For anything even a bit harder to drive, get M0 Pro with its 4.4mm adapter and fully enjoy the advantages of balanced output.


Shanling M0s is online exclusive model, available only from the official Shanling E-Shop and from Shanling Official stores on Amazon. Amazon release is expected within July 2024.

Shanling M0 Pro is still in full production and available from all traditional Shanling outlets.

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M0s Specification

Dimensions43.8 x 45 x 13.8mm
Screen1.54-inch 240*240 Touch Screen
Weight: 36.8 g
Audio: Cirrus Logic CS43131 DAC
Memory: MicroSD Card slot, up to 2TB
Battery Capacity: 650mAh


Bluetooth Version 5.0
Bluetooth Codec Support~
As TransmitterLDAC / aptX / AAC / SBC
As ReceiverLDAC / AAC / SBC
Hi-res Support: PCM 32bit / 384kHz & DSD128

Headphone Output

Output Power: 1.4V @ 32 Ohm (60mW)
Frequency Response20 Hz - 40 kHz   
THD+N0.0007% (A-Weighted @ 850mV)
Channel separation70 dB
Dynamic Range126 dB
Signal-To-Noise126 dB
Output Impedance< 1 ohm