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Introducing Shanling EC3

CD Players were the staple of Shanling’s production for the past 30 years, from affordable models to very high-end ones. Our new EC3 is the latest in our line of simpler budget offerings and it’s the ideal model to re-introduce the Shanling CD players to the international Hi-Fi market.


EC3 was designed as a compact CD player, easily fitting onto any desktop or into smaller narrow Hi-Fi racks. Built around well proven Philips CD80 drive mechanism and Sanyo HD850 laser head, as a top-loading CD player with a transparent cover. Offering digital outputs in form of coaxial and optical SPDIF, for easy connection to external DACs or receivers. It also packs its own audio circuit, utilizing ESS ES9219C DAC and LTA8092 op-amp through headphone output or RCA, with the option to serve as a pre-amplifier.


But EC3 is not just a simple CD player with few playback buttons. We added the Ingenic X2000 platform, a practical 1.6-inch screen and our custom-built system, providing further settings and features directly to the player. Allowing it to act as a Bluetooth DAC or serving as a Hi-Res music player by connecting any USB drive with audio files, with additional control through Eddict Player app.


EC3 will be released before the end of this year.



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